How to Not Screw Up Applying Powders!

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So powders are the new big thing and it's obvious why. Well, for those that don't know why it's obvious, IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIGGIN FABULOUS! They make your nails sparkle and shine and shift colors! So I thought I'd type up a short blog on how to use the powders and I thought you wonderful readers can also chime in and add your tips and tricks in the comment section and we can all share and spread the love and knowledge around. Let's get started!

1. I'm All About That Base, 'Bout The Base!

You can use either regular polish or gel polish for your base polish. Just keep in mind that if you are using a regular polish you will have to wait for the polish to dry completely before the next step. If you apply a gel polish as your base, cure under a lamp for 60 seconds. We recommend a lamp that is 36 watts.

It's important to note here that different base colors will affect how the powders look once applied. For example, over a black base, Icing Powder will appear green and orange. Over a white base, it'll appear pink and blue.

2. Applying the Top Coat

I know this is the one you've all been waiting for! This step seems pretty easy but you know, it's the number 1 question we get emails about in regards to powders. In order to apply powders, you MUST use a No Wipe Top Coat.  We have specially formulated the Talk the Top Coat to be the perfect gel polish for powders.

Apply the top coat and cure for JUST 10 seconds. You want to make sure you don't cure it all the way. We need the slight tacky layer to apply the powder & make sure it sticks.

3. Applying the Powder


Time for some fun! Remember, less is more when it comes to powders. You really don't need much to get results. I wish all relationships were this easy. *Le sigh* Lightly sprinkle your powder over the entire nail. You may also dip your fingernail directly into the pot. Once the nail is covered, begin rubbing the powder in using either your fingertips, a sponge applicator, or a Twinkled T Silicone Tool Once desired look has been achieved (hooray!) apply the gel top coat again and cure for 60 seconds.


4. Clean Up

Seriously? Why am I writing a step for this? Just wash your hands with soap and water. If you'd like a recommendation, I've personally been using Arctic Berry from B&BWorks but really, you can use any soap you'd like. 

You're all done!! Look at those beautiful nails omgaaaaah.


Lots of love,


1/2 Twinkled T Sisters

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  • Can I use acrylic powders as an applying powder? 🤔🤔 maybe a dumb question

    Stacee Phillips on
  • Everytime I try to use the powders it doesn’t stick to entire nail. And it chips on the tips of every nail. After reading your blog I think I realized the problem. After applying the black base coat, I’ve been using base /top coat. Am I suppose to use top coat only? Thanks. Annie Summers

    Annie Mae Summers on
  • Hi, do you have to use a UV light to get the results w/ the powders? Thanks!

    Sheena on
  • thanks for the informative post. quite helpful sharing. nice.- <a href =“”>nail gel

    Kulpreet Chahal on
  • Hello!

    I have quite the conundrum. I have used multiple mirror chrome powders. Multiple gel top coats. Both regular, and no wipe. For the ever living life of me I can NOT get the final mirror effect as soon as I begin to apply my gel top coat! I’m about to pull out my hair! I’ve spent coyntly hours online trying to find a solution. But no such luck. I don’t know what else to do! It only happens with mirror chrome powders. And if my chameleon, unicorn, mermaid, and any other powders I don’t have a problem. But I will buff that chrome pigment to a crystal clear mirror! I get so excited, and then the second top coat touches it. It turns cloudy, foggy, and muddy! Please let me know if you might have any ideas? And solutions? Or steps I might be bypassing by mistake? Or maybe just tell me I’m crazy!

    Ang on
  • Hi! I was wondering what top coat to use when finished buffing on the powders using non-gel polish. Thanks!


    Drew Monos on
  • Hi! I was wondering what top coat to use when doing this with only normal nail polish so it doesn’t screw up the powders. Thanks!

    Drew Monos on
  • Hi Sheila!

    Thank you for reading our new blog! I’m sorry, I have yet to find a technique where the powders give the same results with regular polish. I know there are several YouTube videos that show you how to do them but I didn’t want to put those directions in this blog as they have not been tested and proven by us. The technique I did try about a year ago yielded poor results for me. That’s why I put at the end that if anyone has some helpful info to please share it and spread the knowledge. Hoping to get some good feedback! :)


    Liz- Twinkled T on
  • What about steps for using all regular polish? I have natural nails and only use regular polish. I love the effects of the chrome and holographic powders but will it work if not using gel polish?

    If so, is there a specific brand recommended for both color polish to use under and top coat so it doesn’t ruin the affect?


    Sheila on

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