The Ultimate Guide To Using Makeup Swatch Stencils

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Have you been looking to create crisp, clean swatches of your favorite eye shadows, liquid lipsticks, or glitters? Twinkled T has created 40 designs of swatch stencils to help you quickly get the clean lines you’d like without the tedious process of cutting up scotch tape

Our patterns come evenly spaced apart for perfect uniformity. The designs are unique, adorable, and original! Check our tips below for using our PopSwatch stencils.

1. Exfoliate

Start off by exfoliating the area of placement. This is a must! If you haven’t exfoliated the area of dead and dry skin, the PopSwatch may lift up that dead skin and your pictures will show an obvious cutoff of dead skin vs clean skin.

2. Prime

For better pigmentation of your swatch, prime your skin! Whether it be lotion, aftershave, or a cream primer, lay it on your area of placement and let it completely dry before placing your PopSwatch.

3. Peel

Peel (most of) your PopSwatches in a horizontal direction. For example, our Thin Stripes PopSwatch is better peeled horizontally. If peeled vertically, the stripes can possibly stick to each other and will create a huge mess. Let’s avoid that. Horizontal, baby.  

The Ultimate Guide To Using Makeup Swatch Stencils

4. Moderate

Don’t place too much product in one section! Your edges might become so thick that when you pull off that swatch stencil, it may not look seamless with your skin.

5. Snap

Snap away! Your arm/face/body art is probably cute af now. Wear that look to Coachella. Take loads of pictures. Tag the brand you’re swatching! We’ve noticed so many of our PopSwatch swatches make it onto our favorite makeup brands’ Instagrams! They love a clean swatch!


Hope this helps! Shop my personal faves: Unicorn PopSwatch & Lips PopSwatch

The Ultimate Guide To Using Makeup Swatch Stencils


The Ultimate Guide To Using Makeup Swatch Stencils


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