8th Annual Animal Charity Sale

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Hey friends!

For the past 8 years we have hosted an annual sale in which a portion of proceeds from the sale go to an animal shelter or charity. Over the past 8 years, we've donated to incredible suggestions made by you such as the L.A. Animal Shelter, Old Dog Haven, Animal Hope and Wellness, Puppies Behind Bars, Animal Life Line
, Castaic Animal Care Center, Good Lif3 Bully Rescue, and many more!

In 2020, we decided to donate towards Prevent Child Abuse America as part of our Covid-19 efforts. They were raising money to purchase diapers for families that may have lost their jobs or had their hours cut due to Covid-19.

This year's Charity Sale is extra special. Liz's rescue pup was diagnosed with cancer and it had unfortunately spread to his entire body. We miss Oscar so much and had an amazing 6 years with him. This year's donation will be made in honor of him. I decided to revisit some of my favorite organizations that we've donated to before.

This year, we will be donating to the following:

Puppies Behind Bars: (PBB) trains incarcerated individuals to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and first responders.

Animal Life Line: Iowa's only special needs, no-kill shelter for dogs & cats.

We know that big change starts with small efforts!

If you'd like to help contribute, you can do the following:

  • Shop on our website with code CHARITY22
  • Volunteer your time. Shelters are always looking for foster parents, dog walkers, drivers, or groomers!
  • Adopt! You can be the new home of a pet that needs some love. Thank you for helping us contribute!

Lots of love,


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