Liquid Latex Has Another Random Good Use!

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Who knew liquid latex could help us be lazy and quicker?! Me. I did. We all did, I think. And so did Sarah when she emailed me this lovely tip I had never seen before!
Check out her personal trick she created to make her nail art process quicker!
Liquid Latex Has Another Random Good Use!
From Sarah:
For people who struggle with pulling off all the chevron vinyls quickly, they can use liquid latex to speed up the process, if they know they would take a long time to remove all the vinyls before the polish dries. I tried layering the chevron tape in between two layers of liquid latex and it peeled off all the vinyls at once! All you would have to do is just peel up the liquid latex to remove the vinyls. I tried this on the Glamour Mat and it worked so well and fast. 


1. Apply one layer of liquid latex on one side of your nail.
2. Once it's dried, apply the chevron vinyls
3. Apply a thin layer liquid latex again and wait to dry.
4. Apply the polish on the nail and peel off the liquid latex! 

Liquid Latex Has Another Random Good Use!
How cool is that? This could totally come in handy if you have several vinyls down and are concerned about your polish drying too quickly.
Thank you so much Sarah ( for this awesome tip.
Paint on!
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