Nails Declassified: The Best Nail Cleaning Brushes

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Hi babes!

So let’s talk cleaning brushes! If you are doing at-home manis and pedis then a cleaning brush is a must-have! But which one to buy? We sell a few different ones so let’s go over them.

Vegan Brushes

The vegan Rose Gold Brush with Cap quickly become a fan favorite after introducing it! It is an angled brush made with only the finest imported synthetic hair. The brush features a cap and the aluminum will hold up to acetone extremely well. 

We also have the Vegan Rose Gold Brush. Long and sleek, this brush is lighter in the hand. Also made of the highest quality synthetic hair! 

One issue most people have with vegan brushes is that they don't last as long as Kolinsky hair brushes due to the bristles not holding up after abuse from acetone. While it is true that Kolinsky brushes will last longer, we are confident this brush will hold up for a long time and you'll feel you got your money's worth. The hair we used on this brush is the highest quality synthetic available on the market! 


Kolinsky Brushes 

For real Kolinsky hair, we offer the 3 different sized brushes in 2 different handles. Wait a minute, that sounded confusing. Okay, let's break them down!

The #2 cleaning brushes (our best sellers):

The #6 cleaning brushes:

The #12 cleaning brush:


The brush size you purchase is really dependent on you. It's a preference. I would recommend having two cleaning brushes available to you. One that's a bit larger to clean bigger messes, and a thinner brush to get in those cuticles. 



  • Always clean your brush immediately after use.
  • In a glass cup, pour in a nailbrush cleaner solution - usually available at beauty supply stores. Swish the brush in the cleaner solution until visibly clean.
  • Remove liquid from the brush by dabbing the brush on a paper towel. Try not to press the brush too hard on the paper towel as the bristles are delicate and can come off with enough force.
  • With your fingers, gently reshape the brush and allow to dry.
  • (Optional) Apply a little cuticle oil or olive oil on the tip of the brush after you have finished cleaning it. This will keep the bristles soft. To clean the oil off, run the brush through warm, soapy water.


Lots of love!


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