Rose Gold Vegan Clean Up Brush
Rose Gold Vegan Clean Up Brush
Rose Gold Vegan Clean Up Brush
Rose Gold Vegan Clean Up Brush

Rose Gold Vegan Clean Up Brush

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Want a perfect and beautiful cleaning brush? Look no further! Our brand new 45 degree angular cleaning brush is made of 100% synthetic hair! It is the perfect addition to your nail art tools collection! 

Vegan and cruelty-free. 

We recommend cleaning your brush using soap and warm water. Gently massage bristles of the brush against wet bar of glycerin soap and run under water. Careful not to submerge the entire brush handle under water as this may wear off the glue over time. Pinch ends of the bristles to remove excess soap and lay brush flat. 

Customer Reviews

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Claudia G
Incredible brush

I use this brushes to ckean up my nails once I finish my designs. this brush is handy, cleans very well. I hope the material will be durable. I use it a lot and after a while I see brush could be damage because of acetone, I think it is normal but I like it very much!

Lori A.
Nice brush

I haven't had time to try this yet but it appears to be very nice.

Good quality

It works great and has a very comfortable handle with good balance.

Sahylinn Saavedra
Loving IT 🥰🥰🥰

The brush is just what I need it, very precise to clean around your nails , for a perfect manicure. Love the color... live my purchase 55356,�

Amie C.

Love this brush!!! Bristles are the perfect combination of stiff and flexible. The angled tip makes for easy clean up