Nails Declassified: Cotton Ball Picker Upper

Posted by Sandy Durra on

Do you ever dedicate hours of your time to create a nail design that you absolutely love? Then as you're cleaning up your nail station, you pick up your acetone soaked cotton ball and BOOM within an instant your nails are ruined, whether its your polish smudged, or you have fuzzy stuff all over your nails it just kills your mood. You take a second to look at your nails and evaluate the damaged done, then contemplate whether or not you should fix it or just cry. Well please don't cry. Just get a Cotton Ball Picker Upper trust me it will save you time, and tears. Let me tell you a little about what it is and why you need it!

The Cotton Ball Picker Upper's name basically explains what it does. It easily picks up your cotton ball so you don't have to. Never worry about ruining that mani again! The Cotton Ball Picker Upper will save your mani every time. Our Cotton Ball Picker Upper will do all the hard work for you! Twinkled T sells these stainless steel, exclusive purple Cotton Ball Picker Uppers on our site. This tool is sharp so its advised that you keep it away from children. 

The Cotton Ball Picker Upper is a great and effortless tool to use to clean polish off your stamping plates, stampers, glamour mat, and your entire nail polish station.

To use the Cotton Ball Picker Upper all you have to do is push the black clicker on the top to release the sharp claw to pick up your cotton ball, once you're done you release the claws and they go right back into the tool to make it easier to put away without hurting or poking anyone.


Save your manicures from getting smudged, being full of little cotton ball fuzzies, and getting completely ruined. Save yourself time, tears and the frustration you'll get if you ruin a manicure ever again by purchasing a Cotton Ball Picker Upper

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