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Pink Slip Press Ons

Pink Slip Press Ons

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I created this press on set if you're looking for a perfect base to add nail art or if you'd just like a fresh clean set. Clip and file it to your liking.

Coffin shape in long length

Mix & match the Pink Slip Press Ons with our Runaway Bride Press Ons.


The Twinkled T Stay Pressed line was tested over the span of a year for durability and wear-ability. With proper care, the Stay Pressed press ons will last 2 weeks of wear. Use our Premium Nippers to clip or Glass Files to shape the press ons into your desired shape.

  • Package includes glue & a file.
  • 24 nails in 12 different sizes for the perfect fit
  • Designed with material to look like a fresh acrylic set
  • Less than 5 minute application