Oopsie Grab Bag

Oopsie Grab Bag

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Please note, Grab Bags typically sell out within 24 hours. PLEASE READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION AS WE ADJUST IT FOR EVERY RELEASE.

Our bi-annually released Grab Bags are a crowd favorite!

As most of you know, our nail vinyls are cut personally by us Twinkled T Sisters! Every now and then, our cutter or scissors act up, and we're left with a vinyl sheet that's almost perfect, but not perfect enough to send out. 

Instead of tossing these imperfect sheets, we keep them aside 4-6 months until we have enough vinyls to create an awesome, full variety bag filled with 16-18 sheets of nail vinyls. It's a great way of providing vinyls to customers on a budget or new nail artists who'd like a full collection to start their nail art journey. We also take other products that are slightly scuffed or cracked but still in perfect condition to use.

This round, you can choose between the Oopsie Bag with the following base:

- Lace Liquid Latex ($12), where the Lace is perfect but the bottle is missing a sticker

- a Crystal Double Head Stamper ($12) where the stamper is perfect but the box is damaged or Blue Stainless Stamper where part of the plastic is cracked.

- Stamping Polishes (Polish may be clumpy and may require brush change or polish thinner)

- Press Ons where the Press Ons are perfect but the box is lightly damaged.

If you would like a huge variety of vinyls without paying the full price, the Oopsie Grab Bag is the perfect purchase for you.

Twinkled T Oopsie Grab Bags are non-refundable. Don't fret! We have sold hundreds and have never received a complaint. Customers have been overwhelmingly happy with their grab bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Isabel V.
The hype was real!

There’s just so many things in here, can’t wait to play with all of them!!

Krystalle M.
It's like Christmas!

Everytime I order one of these, it's like Christmas!! You never know what you're gunna get!!

Anne J.
First oopsies bag purchase

Haven't received the item yet, but I am more than excited to finally get one of the oopsies bags! I went for the option with the Dappen Dish - I've had my eyes on it for a while now, but could never decide which one to grab. Now I won't have to choose! Heard great things about them, and the fact that they sell out quickly also convinced me! International shipping is a bit much at times - so this is the perfect opportunity for me to get my hands on multiple different designs for a great price!

Tami W.
Grab Bag

This is such a great item when your new to nail art because there are so many different designs that came in this bag. I was very happy with this purchase and will definitely buy from those company again.

Kimberly E.
Disappointed with Oopsie bag

I received a lot of the vinyls and two or three messed up on each sheet. I was hoping to get other things such as discontinued nail polish or tools. I do not think I would order it again because I am afraid I would receive another batch of vinyls. I could have purchased 2-3 polishes for the same price. 😬