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No Evil Energy Press Ons

No Evil Energy Press Ons

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The No Evil Energy Press Ons were my personal favorite to design. As soon as I was born, my mother attached an evil eye brooch to my onesie. Relatives from all over the world would send evil eye bracelets and necklaces to us growing up. It may be a superstitious symbol to some, but in most cultures, the evil eye is truly believed to ward off all negative energy.

Almond shape in medium length

Mix & match the No Evil Energy Press ons with our My Only Vice Press Ons.


The Twinkled T Stay Pressed line was tested over the span of a year for durability and wear-ability. With proper care, the Stay Pressed press ons will last 2 weeks of wear. Use our Premium Nippers to clip or Glass Files to shape the press ons into your desired shape.

  • Package includes glue & a file.
  • 24 nails in 12 different sizes for the perfect fit
  • Designed with material to look like a fresh acrylic set
  • Less than 5 minute application