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Mini Cyclone™ Vinyls
Mini Cyclone™ Vinyls - Twinkled T - 2
Mini Cyclone™ Vinyls - Twinkled T - 1

Mini Cyclone™ Vinyls

This sheet contains 96 mini cyclones (2 in each circle).

All nail vinyls are handmade by the Twinkled T sisters in Los Angeles, CA.

1. Begin by painting your choice of base polish onto your nails.
2. Once thoroughly dried, paint a coat of clear, fast-drying topcoat onto your nails.
3. Once thoroughly dried, use tweezers to lift nail vinyl off its sheet and place onto your nail.
4. Apply your second choice of polish over Twinkled T nail vinyl.
5. While the nail polish is still wet, remove your Twinkled T nail vinyl from your nail.
6. Add a topcoat and show off your gorgeous new manicure!

Good To Know:
* Your nail vinyl order will include a special Twinkled T packaging to take your nail vinyls on the go!
* Tips and tricks for using nail vinyls can be found here.
* Use tweezers to lift your vinyls. The oils of hands will remove the sticky residue from the vinyl.
* Remove the nail vinyl while the polish is still wet. Once the polish begins to dry, it will create a stringy and clumpy effect of polish when removing the vinyl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amie C.

Who doesn't love swirlies! My new favorite nail designs.

Jennie P.

All TT vinyls are awesome. They work perfectly

Cute swirls

Cute swirls and perfect size for my small fingers and short nails. Great value and love that there is an "inner" and "outer" part to each vinyl and both can be used. Makes them last that much longer!

Aina T.

Very good, easy to use

Birgit S.
best Vinyls ever

I love the way they peel.....the only thing that makes me sad....shipping time is too long. But that is not your fault :-)