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  • Lace Liquid Latex
  • Lace Liquid Latex
  • Lace Liquid Latex
  • Lace Liquid Latex
  • Lace Liquid Latex

Lace Liquid Latex




It’s finally here. And it's awesome.

CONTAINS LATEX. Please do not use if you have an allergy! 

Lace Liquid Latex has been in the works for about two years now. We didn't want to release a sub-par product just to get a liquid latex up and running on our website. Even though its been a continually requested product for years, we still chose to wait until our peel was perfect, the best brush was chosen, and the price could be affordable for all. We're so proud to bring you our new, perfectly curated Lace Liquid Latex.

10 ml.

Use Lace as a cuticle barrier for a no mess manicure and easy cleanup! Stamp, dab, glitter, sponge, swipe, and ombre easily by applying Lace around your entire nail. Peel it off when dry and.. BAM! Gorgeous, clean cuticles!

Dry time: 30 seconds - 3 minutes.

Sounds weird, right? Well, here are the facts.
If you apply a thin layer, your latex will dry in 30-45 seconds. If you apply a super thick layer, it’ll dry in a little less than 3 minutes. But guess what?! You really only need a thin layer. It’ll still peel absolutely perfectly! Save your latex and apply a thin layer. Fo real.

Make sure to seal your bottle nice and tight to avoid the latex from drying up. 

WARNING: THIS STUFF IS STINKY. SERIOUSLY. AND INTENTIONALLY SO. Liquid Latex contains Ammonia to keep the latex from drying up. It's essential to keeping your bottle fresh but it smells pretty bad, and we chose not to mask that smell for good reason! Don't put the latex up to your nose and inhale.

If you'd like a latex free cuticle barrier, check out our Clean Cuticle Peel Off Tape!

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