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Clear Smushy Stamper & Scraper

Clear Smushy Stamper & Scraper

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Note: The polish you use is very important when stamping. Please make sure you are using polishes intended for stamping. Stampers will not pick up all polishes.


  1. Apply nail polish to your nail. Apply a quick dry top coat and wait to dry. 
  2. Apply nail polish to desired design on stamping plate.
  3. Grab your stamper and scraper. Tilting the scraper at a 45 degree angle, scrape the polish across the design quickly and strongly.
  4. Gently press the stamper over the stamping plate with a rolling motion to pick up the design.
  5. Ensure the design is on the stamper.
  6. Stamp the image over your nail with the same gentle rolling motion. NOTE: some have noticed that gently dropping the stamper directly above the image and picking up the image has worked better than the rolling motion.
  7. Apply a quick dry top coat to lock in your design!

Do not touch stamper head with hands, as the oils may damage the head. Use tape to clean stamper head.


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