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Blue Mini Stainless Steel Clear Stamper & Scraper
Blue Mini Stainless Steel Clear Stamper & Scraper
Blue Mini Stainless Steel Clear Stamper & Scraper

Blue Mini Stainless Steel Clear Stamper & Scraper

This Mini Blue Stainless Steel Stamper is the perfect size for on the go! It comes with a cap to protect the jelly head, and the handle is resistant to acetone!

Size: 1.5 in/ 3.81 cm diameter

Height without Stamper Head: 0.75 in/1.90cm

Stamper Head Size: Click Here for a Replacement Head

Weight: 1.3 oz/38 grams

Stamper head size: 1.35 in. For replacement head, click here.


Please keep acetone away from stamper top as exposure to acetone may cause glass to permanently fog. 

Handle with care. Do not prime or sand this stamper. Pinching or pulling the stamper may cause it to tear. The stamper head can easily be cleaned using either acetone and a cotton ball or by gently applying and removing scotch tape directly on the stamper head. Note- when cleaning the stamper head, remove the head from the handle. 


Note: The polish you use is very important when stamping. Please make sure you are using polishes intended for stamping. Stampers will not pick up all polishes.


  1. Apply nail polish to your nail. Apply a quick dry top coat and wait to dry. 
  2. Apply nail polish to desired design on stamping plate.
  3. Grab your stamper and scraper. Tilting the scraper at a 45 degree angle, scrape the polish across the design quickly and strongly.
  4. Gently press the stamper over the stamping plate with a rolling motion to pick up the design.
  5. Ensure the design is on the stamper.
  6. Stamp the image over your nail with the same gentle rolling motion. NOTE: some have noticed that gently dropping the stamper directly above the image and picking up the image has worked better than the rolling motion.
  7. Apply a quick dry top coat to lock in your design!

Customer Reviews

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Patrick J Lynch
Works perfect, needs 1 more picture

I love this stamper. It works great and the fact u can see what I'm doing is great. Please though, add 1 more pic to like all of your stampers to show they are indeed see through from one end to the other because I personally thought this guy was solid stainless all the way and I'd be guessing on my placements. Thank you