Cher Flare Press Ons
Cher Flare Press Ons
Cher Flare Press Ons
Cher Flare Press Ons
Cher Flare Press Ons
Cher Flare Press Ons

Cher Flare Press Ons

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70's inspired manicures are so in right now. I fully believe Cher was a 70's (and 80's and 90's) ICON so I had to include Cher's name somewhere in here. The 70's would be nothing without flare bell-bottoms. Alas, we have the Cher Flare press ons. This set comes with loads of fun colors. Mix and match the colors to your preference!

Almond shape in medium length


The Twinkled T Stay Pressed line was tested over the span of a year for durability and wear-ability. With proper care, the Stay Pressed press ons will last 2 weeks of wear. Use our Premium Nippers to clip or Glass Files to shape the press ons into your desired shape.

  • Package includes glue & a file.
  • 24 nails in 12 different sizes for the perfect fit
  • Designed with material to look like a fresh acrylic set
  • Less than 5 minute application



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Customer Reviews

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Sofia Cheung

I loved this press one in every way. They are durable, high quality and the perfect length for a student who needs to do a lot of work. Definitely worth the money and I love the other designs as well! Will 100% re-purchase in the future.

Cher Flares

These nails live up to expectations. They're strong and durable, and so is the glue. I will say definetly look at the tiktok/reel to get best results. Also, be sure to measure out nail sizes before gluing to ensure best stick--if theyre even a little too big, they will come loose much easier. Mine lasted nearly 2 weeks, with a few that popped of (mostly my own fault), but they certainly performed wayyyyy better than drugstore brands.


Cher Flare is absolutely stunning so beautiful and easy to do things with. I love the colors and shape, the quality is spectacular just like the other press ons. Definitely recommend these especially for the summer. I’ve had so many compliments from my friends and family. I just started school and these are so easy to write with and type on my computer and they are just so pretty to look at🫶🏻

Melissa Robinson
So many compliments!

Okay so this is going to be kind of a weird review...I love this particular design and have been a fan of Twinkled T's press ons but just haven't taken the time to write a review.

I recently had to go to the ER and ended up getting admitted to the hospital while wearing my press ons. Part of my evaluation by the doctors and nurses had them messing with my hands and fingers and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I received so many compliments on my nails!!! I mean they aren't wrong, they are lovely, cool, pretty, beautiful, neat, colorful, so unique, and other things I can't remember but all positive. What's more, my nails stayed on thru all that handling thru all my hospital stay. Pretty impressive!! Had to pass that on, because I was feeling very proud of you, Twinkled T, and maybe I sent you a few customers too. I sure tried!!!

Kat K.
Fell in Love

Okay, background first: I have large hands, I've worn press ons throughout my life for various reasons and events, I am a writer and I type a lot, and I'm always using my hands for something (washing dishes, gardening, typing as mentioned before, browsing tiktok...). I also had an incident with a nail salon that overfiled my nails and left them brittle and in pain, and I was still in the middle of growing out that damage when I put these nails on.
My last pair I wore were the My Only Vice press ons, and that was pretty fresh from my overfiled salon nightmare, so I was having some issues with general pain and tightness that had nothing to do with the nails themselves, but my own damaged nail beds.
My nails had healed enough that when I put these on, they felt so good and so natural that I forgot I was even wearing them. They are such a good fit. They're the kind of weighty you look for in a quality press on, but they aren't so heavy that they're hard to wear.
I also want to add that I went down a steep cliff in these, trying to get to a beach my partner picked out. I had my hands on the cliff as I'm scooting down the side and I swear to you: even after I scraped my hands on the way down, and had to climb up on the way back up, these nails stayed PUT. They were not going anywhere. These are strong. They do not mess around. Put them through their paces, they'll stay there.
I also pick at my nails a lot due to ADHD and just general stimming, and they were not going anywhere.
That's what I want you to know most about these nails: they're not going anywhere once you put them on. The Twinkled T sisters put up a couple of reels on their Insta page to help with putting them on and making sure they last, and those tips did have a big impact on the nails staying on. You should be putting glue on both the press on and your nail bed, and make sure you find the right size for your nail, because if it's too big, there will be a gap and that will affect the integrity.
Both this pair and the last pair I had on, I purposely removed them myself, and I wore them two weeks each.
The only downside I could even think of had nothing to do with the nails but with me: since I pick a lot at my nails, the design started to chip after about a week, which was very sad. I think that's why I liked the Vice nails, since you couldn't really tell quite as much. I want to be clear that the design chipping has nothing to do with the nails, it's all on me since I was picking and biting. And my climbing, that was definitely hazardous to the design.
I'm not personally used to the longer nails, so it was hard to get used to the typing, but I wouldn't trade these for anything. I might maybe file them down but I loved this design too much to do that! I need to learn how to type with the pads of my fingers instead of the tips of them and then I think I'll do better.
I really loved these so much. They looked so good and so chic when I was wearing them. My Only Vice is going to be my top favorite for a while I think, but these are definitely a close second.
Thank you, Liz and Lana, for your awesome work on these!