Thick Stripes PopSwatch

Thick Stripes PopSwatch

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Drop the tape! A Twinkled T PopSwatch will instantly make any swatch picture clean, cute, and unique!


Leave messy swatches behind and create appealing, uniform swatches with a Twinkled T PopSwatch!

You will receive a free PopSwatch envelope to safely tuck away your stencils. Enjoy free shipping on all nail & makeup vinyl-only orders, worldwide!

Directions Thick Stripes PopSwatch

Thick Stripes PopSwatch


PopSwatch stencils are considered 1 time use. Once you lift them up, the oils of your skin will reduce stickiness.

Your skin may experience some irritation if you use PopSwatches several times in one sitting. Give yourself a breather once this begins to happen!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gyna A.
Stripes for swatches

Love them very easy to use!

Flavia F.
Awesome popswatch!

Great, sticks perfectly and gives a nice touch to a normal swatch❤️. You can use for lipsticks or eyeshadows. I would buy it again, and so I did!

jessica b.
amazing stencil

love it so much 😍

Debbie C.
I’ve never had such clean, precise swatches!

These are super easy to use, don’t hurt the skin when you remove them, and leave nice, clean swatches on your arm. I always wondered how people got those perfect swatch photos. I tried cleaning up swatches with makeup wipes and they still look messy because even the best makeup wipes can leave behind a bit of color stain or residue (especially for the more pigmented products). With the PopSwatch you don’t have to worry about that because everything stays neatly inside it’s little stencil, no bleeding, and you don’t have to worry about those super pigmented colors staining the skin around the swatch or having to clean up around it. Will definitely buy again and try more designs too!