Cotton Dandy Nail Art 10 Pc Brush Set
Cotton Dandy Nail Art 10 Pc Brush Set
Cotton Dandy Nail Art 10 Pc Brush Set
Cotton Dandy Nail Art 10 Pc Brush Set

Cotton Dandy Nail Art 10 Pc Brush Set

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Set includes the following brushes:

- 1 Dotting Tool

- 1 Fan Brush

- 1 3D Brush or Painting Brush

- 4 Gel Brushes

- 3 Liner Drawing Brushes (length varies)

Materials: Wooden handle, nylon hair, silver ferrules


Cleaning Your Brush

  1. Always clean your brush immediately after use.
  2. In a glass cup, pour in a nailbrush cleaner solution - usually available at beauty supply stores. Swish the brush in the cleaner solution until visibly clean.
  3. Remove liquid from the brush by dabbing the brush on a paper towel. Try not to press the brush too hard on the paper towel as the bristles are delicate and can come off with enough force.
  4. With your fingers, gently reshape the brush and allow to dry.
  5. (Optional) Apply a little cuticle oil or olive oil on the tip of the brush after you have finished cleaning it. This will keep the bristles soft. To clean the oil off, run the brush through warm, soapy water.


We do not recommend cutting your brush hair, as it may cause bristles to loosen.

We do not recommend using acetone to clean your bristles.

Customer Reviews

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Cotton Dandy Nail Art 10 Pc Brush Set

Veronica P.
Great brushes

Love the color of these brushes and they work great! Have been using for clean up and nail art

Stephanie A.

Works well, nail polish comes off easy with acetone and brush goes back to normal!

Stephanie l.

twinkled t has wonderful products and excellent service. I'm extremely satisfied with all their products!!!

Great tools but…

Great tools that come in a good variety but I noticed that acetone takes off the color on the stick of the brush and makes it sticky. Also one of my dotting tools detached and I had to glue it back on. The bristles are acetone proof but the rest of the tool is not. Just keep that in mind when working with them.