We're getting rid of our glitter. But why?
It's kind of a story but bare with me. In August of 2019, Liz gave birth to my sweet niece Hazel. What should have been an extremely joyous day turned into an extremely stressful one when our shipment of glitter finally arrived. Unfortunately, our manufacturer mislabeled every single glitter with a label that was slightly too large. Because of its size, the label catches extra glitter floating and ultimately makes the jar a little messier looking. I proceeded to repurchase thousands of labels. For the last two years, I've been peeling the large label and replacing it with a correctly sized one on every single glitter order that comes in. This has always been quite a process and super time consuming. I had an assistant who helped me but she's moved away for college. Anyway, basically what I'm trying to say is.... I'm tired. Liz and I are struggling to keep up. It's time to let go, haha. Sounds dramatic, I know. But it really makes me sad. I've made the decision for both our mental health to just basically sell the glitters, as is, at cost, to you. The quality of the glitters are next level. It's just the jar that's slightly off. Please help us clear the shelves for our new incoming products. Happy shopping.