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Star Struck
Star Struck
Star Struck
Star Struck
Star Struck
Star Struck

Star Struck

0.5 gram


How to Apply Star Struck

1. Apply base polish. 
Note: Don't allow polish to dry completely. Allow it to dry but still be tacky. A good way to test tackiness is to lightly press your finger onto polish. It should leave a little indent or fingerprint on the polish.  
2. Dip finger, sponge applicator, or silicone tool into flakies jar and lightly tap flakies onto your nail. Repeat step until desired look is achieved. 
3. Apply a high gloss top coat. Wait to dry and then wash hands with soap and water to get rid of excess flakies. 
If you wish to use Star Struck with gel polishes, please refer to the directions listed for Holo Hoop



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michelle O.
I'm Star Struck!

Stunning. I did a glitter press over the tacky layer of a nude pink gel polish. Looks amazing in different light conditions.

Victoria W.
Flake Goodness!!

I have Star Struck, Star Light, and Star Gaze and all 3 of these flakies are super beautiful!! So easy to work with makes a super pretty flawless look with little effort!!

Tricia G.
WoW WoW WoW!!!

The sparkle and Holo on this is amazing. It was my 1st time using flakies but I think it turned out great and easy to use. Only thing is a super small jar but I think the quality makes up for it. Plus i scoped up the left overs amd sprinkled them on my other fingers!!

Judy L.
Love the product but I haven’t gotten it yet

I’ve purchased it before so I love the product but I haven’t gotten it yet. I’ve posted on neighborhood FB page if it was put in wrong mailbox

Karen C.
The best holo flakes ever!

This stuff is amaaaazing. It was super easy to use with gel. I did a metallic grey base coat and then only needed one application of Star Struck which went on like a dream!