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Directions for Flakies with Regular Polish

1. Apply base polish. 
Note: Don't allow polish to dry completely. Allow it to dry but still be tacky. A good way to test tackiness is to lightly press your finger onto polish. It should leave a little indent or fingerprint on the polish.  
2. Dip finger, sponge applicator, or silicone tool into flakies jar and lightly tap flakies onto your nail. Repeat step until desired look is achieved. 
3. Apply a high gloss top coat. Wait to dry and then wash hands with soap and water to get rid of excess flakies.

Directions for Gel Polish

1. Paint on your base color.
Apply a no-wipe gel topcoat.
Flash cure your top coat. 10-30 seconds, depending on your lamp wattage.
Lightly sprinkle your flakes over the entire nail. You may also dip your fingernail directly into the pot.
Once the nail is covered, begin rubbing the powder in using either the Twinkled T Silicone Tool, a foam applicator, or your fingertips.
Apply another gel top coat and cure to seal your powder in!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Star dust flakes

I love these especially over black. They're easy to apply over regular polish if you don't have gel. For $3 the quality is AMAZING!!!!!


This was my first time trying the flakies. They are amazing and so easy to use. I absolutely am in love with this color pictures. Don’t even do it justice. If you’re on the fence about trying this product you should definitely probably try it.

I love this stuff!

I use it mainly for resin casting but I’m an avid nail art aficionado and that’s how I found this in the first place. I love that they come in the little containers for easy use and the jar goes really far. I have used it also for nail burnishing and the flakies work perfectly. They are not solvent resistant and will curl if mixed with uncured nail polish in a base. Using them over tacky polish is fine.

Cyndi Durham

Easy to use and the clients LOVE it!

Michelle O.
I'm Star Struck!

Stunning. I did a glitter press over the tacky layer of a nude pink gel polish. Looks amazing in different light conditions.