Nails Declassified: How To Use Liquid Latex

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What if I told you that you could use one simple product to avoid ever having to clean up your cuticles after a messy manicure? Twinkled T uses a an incredible latex formula with a special curated brush making the application and removal process of cleanup so much easier. It really allows for you to create a perfect manicure so much quicker. A perfect manicure without having to go back to each individual finger to clean up any mistakes? Count me in. Twinkled T Lace is beyond easy to use, and I'm not even going to lie, super fun to use too! Let me just explain how to use it and you'll see exactly what I mean.
First thing you're going to do is apply a layer around your cuticles. There is no "correct amount" but we have some suggestions. Thin layers dry quickly and should be used for simple nail art such as stamping. Thicker layers may take longer to dry, but are recommended for manicures involving sponging. It's going to feel super weird to paint the part of your finger that you usually try to avoid getting nail polish on, but just go with it!! 
Next, you're going to do your manicure just as you usually would, whether its painting your nails, stamping, sponging, or even adding glitter. Allow for your polish or design to dry. 
Now when your manicure is complete comes the best part -- removing the latex. If you were one of the kids that poured glue all over your hand when you were younger just to peel it off, I guarantee you're going to LOVE this part. The final step is using either tweezers or your fingers to peel off the latex, leaving you with a clean manicure.

Twinkled T Lace Liquid Latex is fun and super easy to use, but also makes any manicure process so much quicker and more fun.
Grab your favorite Lace in either our signature green or pink!

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