Oopsie Grab Bag

Oopsie Grab Bag

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Please note, Grab Bags typically sell out within 24 hours. PLEASE READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION AS WE ADJUST IT FOR EVERY RELEASE.

Our bi-annually released Grab Bags are a crowd favorite!

As you may now, our nail vinyls are cut personally by us Twinkled T Sisters! Every now and then, our cutter or scissors act up, and we're left with a vinyl sheet that's almost perfect, but not perfect enough to send out. 

Instead of tossing these imperfect sheets, we keep them aside 4-6 months until we have enough vinyls to create an awesome, full variety bag filled with 33-36 sheets of nail vinyls. It's a great way of providing vinyls to customers on a budget or new nail artists who'd like a full collection to start their nail art journey. We also take other products that are slightly scuffed or cracked but still in perfect condition to use.

If you would like a huge variety of vinyls without paying the full price, the Oopsie Grab Bag is the perfect purchase for you.

Twinkled T Oopsie Grab Bags are non-refundable. Don't fret! We have sold hundreds and have never received a complaint. Customers have been overwhelmingly happy with their grab bags.

Customer Reviews

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Love the value and quality of my vinyls :)

Great value

This was an excellent value!! I’m really happy I found this sale - the amount of vinyls sent are perfect for me, as I do my own nails at home. I’ve been a customer of TwinkledT for a lot of years so I know the quality is high - this was another stellar buy for me! Thank you so much 💜

Worth it

Definitely worth getting, especially if you’re a beginner with nail vinyls. There are minor imperfections with the sheets and are mostly (if not completely) usable. They may have a couple of the individual peels that are messed up/unusable.

The best purchase you'll make all year!

This is such a fun way to get some of your favorite Twinkled T products and at such a good deal.

Isabel V.
The hype was real!

There’s just so many things in here, can’t wait to play with all of them!!