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Holo Is The New Black
Holo Is The New Black

Holo Is The New Black

Our Twinkled T craft glitters are everything you’d ever want for your nails. Use these glitters for glitter placement, or ask your nail technician to mix it into your acrylic powder!

You will receive 10 grams of .008" glitter in a jar. The lid seals tightly to take your glitter on the go and throw glitter at unhappy strangers!

This is not a powder you rub into your nails!

Keep away from face and out of reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Chelsie A
Back in Black

Beautiful pitch black, holo glitter!

Excellent product

Easy to use and an amazing finish for my manicure!

Holo Is The New Black

I had no idea what to do with this, but bought it anyway and I’m happy I did. It came in time for Halloween, although I’ll use it again for anything. I used it to “glitterize” a scary tree that I stamped on my thumbs and it was gorgeous!! I’m so happy I got it!!

Candice L.
Beautiful Dark Holo

This is an exceptional powder holo that works great with gel polish as a full coverage over a black base or as a sprinkle to jazz up your manicure.


I’m just getting into nail art so I don’t really know what I’m doing yet, and let me tell you how beautiful this glitter is and how easy it was to use! I got the largest size and did a glitter placement over black nail polish, and it looks amazing! In low light my nails just look black but in the light my nails look like disco balls! So fun and easy to use! (Also there’s probably enough glitter in a jar to do your nails a hundred times or more. Pretty amazing value for your money!) I love this glitter, can’t say enough good things :)