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Nail Wrap Bundle
Nail Wrap Bundle


Nail Wrap Bundle

our nail wrap bundle includes the following nail wraps:

coachella nail wrap

sprinkles nail wrap

sunset vacation nail wrap

single chevron nail wrap

broken glass nail wrap

paisley lace nail wrap


Get a perfectly patterned manicure with our easy-to-use nail wraps! Twinkled T nail wraps are made with 100% nail polish.


1. Wipe nail clean with acetone.
2. Peel appropriate sized wrap and place onto nail.
3. Push down wrap from the center of the nail out to the edges, leaving no bubbles.
4. Fold excess wrap and file off with downward strokes to remove.
5. Apply top coat for extra shine and security.

Extra tip: Add heat (by using a blow dryer or heat lamp) to meld each wrap perfectly to your nail.

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