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The Refresher
The Refresher
The Refresher

The Refresher

The Refresher is the perfect clean up tool for your Glamour Mat and stampers!

It easily cleans up glitter, dust, and all polish off of your jelly & silicone surfaces. 

The Refresher closes up to take on the go. It also sits upright on your tabletop surface! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Patrick J Lynch
So much better than expected

I'll admit, I really didn't think I needed one. I've been using a regular lint roller to do the same job and it was fine. Frankly though, the closing case was something I never knew I needed till I got it. It does its job and then goes away and doesn't stick to anything else accidentally. And it doesn't get covered in random dog or cat fur (which magically is never in short supply at my home). The size is perfect too for the job and so much easier to hold. I'm hooked. I just wish you all sold refills so I didn't always have to buy a new one. Just seems like a bit of plastic waste that I'd be happy to so without but as a product, I love it.

Jeni Teeter
Love this.

Wish I had one earlier. It’s a great addition to my stamping arsenal. One sheet lasts so long, a very economical tool.

Donna Carrillo
Quick clean up gadget

I absolutely love this gadget, I'm always having to clean my desk or silicone mat with alcohol & pads which I feel I'm wasting but it was the only way to remove dust & glitter & feel clean. Now I just run this over everything & poof, all gone and feels clean, no dust or glitter particles...I love this thing!! I hope there's refills for the roller? I couldn't find any when I purchased it? Or maybe a Lint roller may fit in it?? Anyhow it's awesome..

My favorite for cleaning stampers

I've tried multiple ways to keep my stamper clean while nail stamping. The Refresher is my favorite. I've tried tape and three different stamper cleaning tools including this one. Using tape or lint cleaners was annoying, time consuming and I risked messing up my nails.

The refresher is basically the same sticky paper used in some lint rollers. The sticky roller is protected by a case. The case has a lid to to protect the roller when not in use. It is the best.

Before buying the Refresher, I bought a cleaning tool from another nail stamping store.
described as a double-sided sticky note pad. It was better than tapes or lint cleaner but not very practical. The paper was loose and it kept getting stuck to other things.

After buying the Refresher, I bought another tool similar to the Refresher, except the roller was exposed. Also, everytime I grabbed it, it fell apart.

In the end, I prefer using the Refresher. It is so easy to use. Just use the stamper, roll it on the Refresher and ready for the next nail. Once I'm done, the cover protects the roller from dust until I'm ready to use it again. I

t makes nail stamping a breeze. I highly recommend it.


Super easy to find on your messy desk. It clean the stamper and the mat super good.